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Welcome to Legal Momentum's Blog. We write about stories and issues that relate to our mission. Our Intern Team also posts about issues important to them, offering discussion and insight regarding women's equality and opportunity.
  • The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act is still needed. Stories like a recent post in The Philadelphia Inquirer shows the discrepancy between a positive situation such as actor Claire Danes' pregnancy accommodation on the TV show Homeland, and the reality of everyday working women. Danes was accommodated with wardrobes and camera shots that helped work around her pregnancy.

  • I recently attended a panel entitled "What It’s Really Like to Practice Law as a Woman," and given the cases I’m exposed to here at Legal Momentum, I was expecting a bleak discussion. The panel consisted of two in-house counsels, one U.S. Attorney, and the traditional Biglaw associate not far removed from law school. Contrary to my expectations, all four women expressed feeling at least satisfied, if not more, with how women in their current work place are treated. There was talk of flexible hours, telecommuting, and even paid maternity leave.


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