Apply to Become a Rights Now! Peer Educator

Legal Momentum's Rights Now! workshops empower young women of color to identify and respond to sexual abuse, violence and sex-based discrimination. These workshops are led by Peer Educators, young women of color aged 16-24 from across New York City's five boroughs who engage in a rigorous and empowering nine-week training program before conducting Rights Now! workshops. 

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The Working Woman's Bill of Rights

A Legislative Advocacy Framework for Women's Economic Equality 

In the United States and around the world, women continue to be uniquely undervalued and disadvantaged in their pursuit of economic security. On average, women continue to be paid less, work lower paying jobs, and endure higher levels of sexual harassment and abuse, all while taking on more family care responsibilities. These barriers intersect, add up, and reinforce each other in ways that profoundly undermine women’s ability to achieve equal opportunity in the workplace.