Racial Justice

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Our Work for Racial Justice

At Legal Momentum, we recognize that the fight for gender equality is also a fight for racial justice. We understand that to tackle gender discrimination, we must also address the institutional racism faced by people of color in this country. We know that discrimination in any form puts marginalized groups at greater risk of economic hardship, exclusion, and violence.

And, we have seen how women of color struggle with the 'double burden' of gender and racial discrimination that restricts their opportunities despite their persistent activism as leaders in the civil rights movement. These are truths that have informed and continue to inform our work.

Throughout Legal Momentum's history, we have addressed the intersection of gender and racial discrimination through advocacy, education and impact litigation. In our work, we have fought to confront the social systems that are responsible for the systemic oppression of both women and people of color.

Below is a timeline that highlights our work
and stance on racial justice initiatives.

Legal Momentum's Racial Justice Timeline