• Deals with child abuse issues. Helpline provides legal assistance, referrals, public policy monitoring, technical assistance to protective parties, referrals, courtwatch information and public education. Focuses especially in cases where justice system response has fallen short.
  • Does not provide direct pro bono representation, but works to encourage pro bono custody projects in the US. Created Child Custody Program Directory (available on website), lists organizations across the country that provide pro bono custody services. Resource library with articles and other information also available on site.
  • Information and support website geared toward mothers who are in custody battles and have been victims of domestic violence in the relationship with their children's father, or whose children are victims of family violence either having been abused directly, or indirectly harmed by witnessing violence against their mother. Website has information, stories, and a listserv.
  • Grass-roots organization affiliated with South Palm Beach NOW chapter; dedicated to improving the family court system and to prevent future injustices against children, women and families. Runs CourtWatch Program, promotes awareness of the problems, advocates to change legislation and to hold the judges, lawyers, guardians-ad-litem and psychologists accountable for their actions. Website has suggestions for pro se litigants.
  • Grassroots advocacy and support organization for mothers of abused children who have lost (or are fighting not to lose) custody of their children to an abusive partner or to foster care. Website has information, links, other resources. Ther is also a Facebook page at
  • A non-profit association and support website for mothers without custody. Lots of info, discussion boards, and links to other resources and local chapters.
  • Provides legal assistance and other support to women involved in custody cases where PAS (“Parental Alienation Syndrome”) claims are used against them.
  • Call or visit website for free resource packets on child custody, supervised visitation, mediation, domestic violence and child custody. Technical assistance provided for attorneys and advocates only.