• No legal referrals or direct legal assistance, but website offers links to resources and information regarding various aspects of family law (domestic violence, custody, child support, divorce, etc.).
  • Website has database of family law lawyers across the US. Some informational resources and articles are also available on the website.
  • Oldest non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial education to women in their quest for financial independence. “Second Saturday” Divorce workshops ($45 fee) at locations across the country provide seminars with attorneys, counselors, financial advisors, and other financial professionals.
  • Educates advocates and victims on issues such as budgeting, identity theft, banking, predatory lending, violence in the workplace, housing, and credit, all of which play a role in ending domestic violence. Has an excellent publication called “Hope and Power: For Your Personal Finances,” written to help women regain control over their finances after leaving an abusive relationship. Available for free online at http://shop.ncadv.org/publications.